Excuse the pun, but today is the last day of March and we are a quarter of the way through 2017!

There is something special about the beginning of spring that makes us all feel better about ourselves and the world around us. That makes April the ideal time to take a fresh look at your business and plan for a good harvest.

It has to be said that the past few months have been some of the strangest and most unexpected that many of us will ever have experienced. Yesterday, the Prime Minister officially informed the EU that the UK was leaving the club and a 24 month clock was set running.

The events that have been unfolding around the world are truly amazing and astounding. Looking at them from an ordinary person’s point of view, they could be viewed as somewhat scary or alternatively, for some people, as a fresh start.

Whatever your outlook on the world and whatever view you hold, one thing is for sure; if a few short months can dictate such seismic change on a global scale, absolutely nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility. This is equally true for you and your business. The only thing to decide is what you want and need to achieve.

The incredible impermanence of almost everything around us, and the fragile nature of human life, should drive us to try and get to where we need to be as quickly and effectively as possible - especially those of us who have dependents and loved ones relying on us.

Getting ahead of the crowd in business is one of the most important and urgent things we can do. Getting ahead of the crowd is not as difficult as it sounds. It's the same in business as in top-level sport - races are won by fractions, not huge margins. In order to do this, you need look no further than yourself to generate all the new business you need to thrive and move forwards.

So, it's the old message - Get a plan, work the plan, succeed in small steps and above all, START NOW!

For those who feel they need a little help (and we all need help sometimes), I will be running one of my popular Business Breakthrough Days at the Ipswich Hotel on Wednesday 26th April. Spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Click Here to book your place.


Alternatively, call James Davey at the Sales Masters Guild on 07850 087508 to kick start the process.

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