I must have heard this quote 20 years ago and I can't  remember exactly where. However it not only struck a chord with me it obviously made a lasting impression. I'm  pretty sure it was not the person who said it at the time that made my memory commit it to the vault of useful phrases that I keep subconsciously tucked away, but the message that is contained in these craftily arranged words!

Such simple words, I'm sure anyone would agree. I mean look at them, the longest one is only four letters long, wow ! I never really analysed it before but now I'm writing this and it's making me look at those really small words I'm quite taken aback that they can convey so much when put together in this sequence.  "if it's to be ! its up to me", and it's true. 'I' or self is the only person who can truly make "it" happen, not only professionally but in all aspects of life. At The Sales Masters Guild, we say "You are the boss of YOU" which means that whatever happens, you are 100% responsible for it.

The fact is we all spend so much time procrastinating (coming up with excuses) we don't actually grasp the nettle and make action the watchword of our everyday activity.

That's not to say we don't do lots of "stuff" every day - it's just that our energy could be better spent, progressively doing the things which, inch by inch, bring us closer to the successes we aspire to.

Today's message is therefore:

Plan your success, then take action towards it every single day!

After a while all those small steps will have added up to the sum total of your plan...

UK Olympic Cycling Manager David Brailsford called it 'The aggregation of marginal gains.' It worked for the UK Cycling Team so it can work for you too.

Start TODAY .......