Following the hottest summer since 1976, forecasters promissed us two weeks of cloud and rain followed by a glorious Indian Summer. Here we are in the last few days of August and it feels like summer has long since gone.

The streotype Englishman is obsessed with the weather. It often forms a major part of our 'small talk' conversation. Not satisfied with one weather forecast following the national news programmes on the television, we have to have two forecasts - a national (and sometimes international) and a local forecast specific to your TV region. Our SmartPhones have weather apps already installed when we buy them so we can check the forecast for the following week centered on any number of places in the world that are important to us.

Why are we so obsessed with this? Whatever the forecast says, you will get the weather you get. You can't change it. But what you can do is plan your activities in advance based on what the forecast is telling you. You can also adapt your plan and make contingencies as you get closer to your event and as the forecast changes.

So, if we are so focused on the weather forecast, why don't business owners and managers do the same with their businesses? If we can forecast the weather, why can't we forecast the economic situation and plan accordingly? Why can't we plan our Sales and Marketing campaigns based on forecasts? Why can't we plan our vital cashflows based on what we know now and adjust them daily as our information changes?

The answer is, of course, that we can, and the most successful businesses do. That's one of the reasons that they are successful. They do not get overtaken by events because they have fair warning of looming problems giving them the vital time to prepare and take action to avoid them.

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