Small Business Workshop

Double your net income in 12 months. Guaranteed!

That's a bold statement to make, but we believe that if you follow the Project Blueprint programme, you will achieve accelerated success. Your mission will only be accomplished if you are 100% 'committed' to making it happen. Your Sales Masters Guild Personal Mentor will support you as you work through the programme and hold you to account.

How does Project Blueprint work?

Essentially, Project Blueprint is an intensive 12 week programme consisting of weekly 3 hour workshops taking you through the Blueprint of a successful business in a group setting.

Between sessions, you will get one-to-one support form your Project Blueprint Training Mentor to keep you on track.

But there is a huge BUT. Your success will not become a reality just by attending the  sessions. Your success WILL become a reality if you take the learnings, apply the strategies and focus your attention on those things that result in growth, sales and INCOME.


This program is not for everyone. It is only suitable for those who have decided, enough is enough, and it's time to achieve your true potential by taking positive action.

Why does Project Blueprint work?

There is a proven formula for a successful business.

Project Blueprint is a down to earth hands on practical series of workshops that show you how to execute and implement the seven steps in the blueprint for a successful business. You will walk away with a plan focused on building a campaign driven enterprise that will create the wealth and work-life balance you want your business to be.

The seven steps of Project Blueprint are:

  1. Developing the Mindset Behind Success
    How to cultivate a strong outcome driven mindset that deletes procrastination & empowers you to fend off the distractions that stall growth, you'll learn techniques that are absolutely crucial to you achieving your true potential in business.
  2. Creating a Milestone Driven Success Plan:
    You'll learn how to form a realistic milestone driven business plan that will deliver the success you seek and take you from where you are now to where you want to be in as little as 12 months.
  3. Designing a Killer Sales Proposition and Pitch:
    You'll 'hone' your unique 'value-proposition' into a no-brainer pitch so that you simply become, the go-to person for what it is that you do..
  4. Creating Brand recognition:
    The strategies that cement your proposition into a well rounded brand for use within both your physical and online marketing campaigns.
  5. Designing a Marketing Campaign that creates traffic and leads:
    You'll learn strategies that form a 'complete marketing campaign' that actually generates qualified leads utilising social media, blogs, live networking and joint ventures to engage with the 'right' clients, paying the right price through a solid understanding of the law of attraction.
  6. Developing Sales Communication and Negotiation Skills:
    Learn exactly how human beings really 'communicate' and how to use this learning to structure your conversations and massively increase the sales you make, running a simple 5-step conversation strategy.
  7. Creating a great work-life balance:
    Being abundant is a state of mind as much as it's about the money in your bank account, but all the money in the world is useless unless you have the time to enjoy it, which is why we teach a simple to learn simple to use time management strategy that will help you to create an outstanding work-life balance.

Why this Course is a 'must do'...


  1. If you're 'Starting from scratch' - and you do not want to waste a single minute of your time learning from the school of hard knocks, this is definetly for you...
  2. If you run a business BUT you're Constantly chasing time and the money' - we gaurentee you this will be the best education you have ever had in how to make money in business


Take Positive Action Now! - Book a no obligation, complimentary meeting with James Davey. During this meeting, James will discuss the programme with you and help you assess your suitability for Project Blueprint. Places on Project Blueprint are limited, so James will only work with people who fit the right profile and who are committed to taking control of their lives and making thier businesses a success.


Decide - Commit - Succeed