Monthly Mentored Peer Group

You Are the Average of the People you Spend Your Time With

It’s a fact that people tend to hang out with people like themselves. Which is why it’s crucial to the achievement of your ambitions that you surround yourself with the right kind of people i.e. ambitious individuals who are also on a mission to achieve a standard of living that most can only dream of

It’s also a fact, that most highly successful entrepreneurs have a personal business mentor, which is why we see such phenomenal results from those who attend our mentored peer groups.

It’s fantastic to see what happens when like-minded ambitious people come together for the common cause of building exceptional income generating businesses that grow and flourish. This is why we have developed the monthly mentored peer groups:

Why People Fail and What to do to Succeed

Experience has taught us that not everyone is willing to commit to doing what it takes to succeed. They see learning and applying growth strategies as a necessary evil, which is why they never go all in on learning and applying the things that create results.

The trick is to find a big enough WHY i.e. why do you really want to succeed?

For this reason, monthly peer mentoring is not for everyone! It requires a total commitment to achieving the success you seek. 

If you want help working out your WHY, we can absolutely help you. But we do need you to want us to help you succeed. If you can do that, we’re both on the winning trail.

Can you answer 'Yes' to the following three questions?

  1. Are you an ambitious business owner?
  2. Are you open minded?
  3. Are you prepared to take action now?

If so, a mentored peer group may be right for you.

So Why Does Peer Mentoring Work?

Just like your new-year’s resolutions, most of us start with the greatest of intentions, but without someone to keep us on track, most people quickly fall back into their old ways and habits.

Having a personal business Mentor and being part of a peer group will help keep you on the path. Your mentor will hold you accountable and constantly nudge you to form better and more profitable outcome driven habits that drive you towards the success you seek.

Over the years, we’ve refined and developed our Monthly Mentoring Program into the amazing success formula it is today.

Members not only rapidly increase their own personal sales and income, they also share their knowledge, grow their connections, form ‘real friendships’ with fellow members and cross pollinate with real world business.