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I am James Davey, an online business growth mentor dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through coaching you, being your business adviser and working with you one-to-one. Having worked in the sales industry for many years as well as being a business owner myself, I understand first-hand the struggles that are common and can teach you the skills and techniques to overcome them.

Owning your own business is a goal that many aspire to achieve but it can be daunting when thinking about all of the business aspects that are also entailed. Whether you are an entrepreneur that is in need of a business coach consultant to help set you off or you are an established business owner but are finding yourself in a slump and everything is starting to feel like more effort than reward, please get in touch today for a free online meeting.

Why Do You Need a Business Mentor Coach

No matter the scale of your company, having someone buy your side to guide you, bounce ideas off and help lessen the day-to-day challenges that you are currently facing and lessen the burden. My goal when becoming a business mentor was to allow my clients, whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business, the freedom of enjoying their business and achieving the flexibility most dream of. I want to help you stop working 7 days a week for 2 days money and I can help you focus on building your business into what it can be. I do this by teaching you how to re-design your business so that it is focused on producing wealth and coaching you on how to achieve that work life balance.

How I Help You Achieve the Next Level of Your Business

As a personal business mentor of The Sales Masters Guild, I will work with you in my online Group Mentoring Programme which consists of two programmes, Project Blueprint which is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses in their early stages and The SMR Peer Group that is for more established businesses that want to step up to the next level of their plan.

Within both of these coaching programmes, I will coach you in getting crystal clear about what you want from your business, your future and help you remember why you started it in the first place. We will then work together to tailor a completely individual business plan to help you achieve your goals and desires. As well as this, I will work to acquire any resources you may need to be successful in the plan.

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