About James Davey at The Sales Masters Guild

Many people dream about running their own business, but the reality of the matter is that sometimes it can be very lonely and just a little scary. Who do you talk to when you want to develop a new idea or chew over a problem that's keeping you awake at night?

Well, you don't need to be alone. With me by your side as your coach, mentor and business adviser, you can share the burden of running your own business and get really focused on the important things you need to do which somehow seem to get lost under the pile of day to day challenges that make up your working life.

I am a personal business mentor with The Sales Masters Guild. I work with business owners like you, who want to stop working 7 days a week for 2 days money and want to learn how to re-design their business so that it produces the wealth and work-life balance they set it up for in the first place.

I do this through the  Group Mentoring Programmes where I teach you how to:

  • Get crystal clear about what you want from your business and your life and more importantly 'why' you want it
  • Build the right plan to get you there
  • Source the resources you need to achieve the plan

I will then support you by keeping you 'on path' until you achieve the income and great work-life balance you desire.

I run two programmes:

  • Project Blueprint for start-ups and early stage businesses looking for a springboard to get them off the ground
  • The SMG Peer Group for more established businesses that want to step up to the next level

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